“Equal Opportunity to Healthcare and Education for All”

This quote embodies our commitment to dismantling barriers, advocating for inclusivity, and creating a society where opportunities are not limited by circumstances.

Our Focus Areas


  • Anandpur Sahib Clinic – 5RHA provides evidence based care to the local population and physicians from India and all over the world volunteer to provide free consultations.
  • We are committed to making healthcare a fundamental right and our teams conduct Medical Camps regularly which are designed to reach the underserved communities, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of a healthy life.
  • In the USA, we conduct Health Awareness Camps in various states to empower communities with knowledge about preventive healthcare and healthy living.


  • Helping young physicians gain real life experience by giving back to the community.
  • Oversight by prominent physicians in the US and in India.
  • Initiatives to support schools in the underprivileged areas to offer scholarships. Supporting their dream to a tangible reality.
  • Breaking down barriers of learning everyday.
  • Improving patient education by breaking social and cultural barriers.
  • Prevention and Treatment Education and Awareness focused on: Hypertension, Diabetes, Mental Health, Breast Cancer, and Osteoarthritis. 


  • A healthy planet is crucial for a healthy life. Our environmental initiatives focus on sustainability, conservation, and raising awareness about the impact of our choices on the planet and how that effects our health.
  • Through community engagement and education programs, we work towards building a future where people coexist harmoniously with the environment.
  • Our environment initiatives include soil, air, water testing and analysis.  


  • Conducting meaningful patient oriented research at the clinic and at the medical camps.
  • Training the next generation of physicians to develop better scientific temper.
  • Research that is directly impacting patient care and helping us do better everyday.
  • Research information, mentorship and opportunities for students are available. 


  • In our steadfast commitment to community development, our NGO proudly introduces the Young Athletes Scholarship Program, an initiative designed to empower underprivileged children through sports. 
  • We recognize the transformative power of sports in fostering physical well-being, teamwork, and discipline. 
  • This program goes beyond traditional boundaries by offering scholarships to talented young athletes, providing them with access to sports facilities, quality equipment, and specialized training. 

Our Initiatives

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Zira Morcha

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Medical Camps India

Free Medical Clinics Five Rivers Heart Association actively runs free health clinics catering to underserved populations. These clinics are a vital lifeline, offering medical care

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Farmers Protest

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