Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.


Dr. Swaiman Singh is the visionary force behind the Five Rivers Heart Association, an esteemed Humanitarian and Transplant Cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota. 

In 2012, driven by a profound dedication to public service, Dr. Singh founded the 5 Rivers Heart Association, headquartered in California. His goal was to pioneer innovative methods for delivering cost-effective medicine in India, establishing medical care in underserved regions across northern India. The organization’s mission is to anticipate and prevent diseases through implementation of evidence-based health policy.  

During the tumultuous times of 2020-2021, which was marked by global challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, there were significant agricultural protests in India and globally. 

Witnessing the urgent medical needs and the lack of accessible healthcare and education among protesting farmers, Dr. Singh made a pivotal decision. Inspired by his family’s farming legacy and commitment to community service and education, he traveled to Delhi in 2021 to provide medical care to protesting farmers.

Dr. Swaiman Singh’s journey back to India was more than a physical journey; it was a pilgrimage of the heart. He brought with him not just his medical expertise but a vision to create a more compassionate and accessible healthcare system.

Through the 5 Rivers Heart Association, Dr. Singh established a free medical hospital and community center, delivering not only immediate healthcare but also addressing broader well-being concerns. Beyond medical care, the team’s commitment extended to providing educational resources, hygiene essentials, housing, clean water, religious centers, sports activity, milk, and food supply apart from other essentials. This collaborative effort, involving over thousands of volunteers, effectively met the diverse daily demands of the local population.

After the conclusion of the protests in late 2021, Dr. Singh returned to the United States to resume his medical career, he continues to exemplify an unwavering dedication to healthcare equity and community welfare. 

5 Rivers Heart Association stands as a testament to Dr. Singh’s visionary leadership—a convergence of hope, care, resilience, unity, and compassion, mirroring the five rivers that nourish the lands of Punjab. The team continues to work towards health and education equity. 

Join us in our collective mission to create a more compassionate and accessible healthcare system for all.

Dr. Swaiman Singh Pakhoke

President and Founder of 5 Rivers Heart Association

Clinical Instructor in Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Board of directors INDIA - 2024

Jagroop Singh

Environment Preservation

Brahmdeep Singh

Innovation in Farming & Education

Kuldip Singh

Spiritual Outreach

Avtar Singh

President - Kisan Wing

Dr. Tanveen Kaur

Medical Lead - India

Board of directors global - 2024

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Medical Outreach Setup

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Health Policy

Dr. Karan Jatwani

Research / Mentorship

Dr. Mandeep K Dhaliwal


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Gurpreet Singh

Dr. Sukhman Singh

Dr. Kamalpreet

Dr. Harpan Deol

Jovanjeet Chahal


Amritpal Singh Gill

Dr. Deepak Verma

Dr. Kamaldeep Singh Sidhu

Dr. Ajay Ajit

Dr. Kamalpreet Singh Walia


At the core of our mission is the belief that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves equal opportunities. We strive to break down barriers and create a more equitable world by focusing on three key pillars: Healthcare, education, environment.

Sangram Singh Samra

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Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh

Our Mission

Five Rivers Heart Association is dedicated to reducing fatalities and ending suffering caused by inadequate healthcare and education. Since our inception in 2012, our goal has been to deploy innovative, cost-effective medical solutions while maximizing resource utilization. We operate globally as an independent and neutral entity, working towards health equity. Our expansion now includes medical camps throughout underserved areas in the United States and Northern India, offering free medical care, health screenings, medications, and disaster relief. Our approach seeks to create lasting positive impacts by empowering individuals through education and proactive health measures.

Our Vision

Our vision at Five Rivers Heart Association is centered on transforming lives through education and disease prevention in underserved areas both in the United States and worldwide. Building on our successful healthcare model, we are committed to integrating comprehensive educational initiatives. This involves providing free educational materials and scholarships to students in rural schools, addressing disparities in access to learning resources. Beyond traditional educational support, our focus extends to disease prevention, with an emphasis on fostering health awareness and promoting proactive healthcare practices within these communities.