Zira Morcha

Five Rivers Heart Association, played a crucial role in providing healthcare support during the Zira Morcha in India. Our team offered free health consultations, addressing immediate medical needs of the affected population. The organization also conducted on-the-ground research to understand the health impacts of the issues raised during the Zira Morcha. This research provided valuable evidence of the physical and psychological effects on the population, highlighting the need for ongoing health support in such situations. Their efforts were instrumental in offering both medical aid and in documenting the health consequences of unregulated industrial pollution.

The Zira Morcha refers to a series of protests or movements, typically related to specific socio-economic issues affecting communities, such as those caused by unregulated industrial activities. When factories operate without strict regulation, they can release harmful pollutants into the environment, severely impacting the health of nearby populations. This can lead to respiratory problems, skin diseases, and other chronic health conditions. The Zira Morcha, in this context, could be understood as a response to such environmental and health crises, where communities mobilize to demand better regulation and protection against industrial pollution. These movements are crucial in highlighting the adverse health effects of environmental neglect and the need for responsible industrial practices.