Flood Relief

In response to the devastating floods in Punjab and Haryana in 2023, Five Rivers Heart Association demonstrated an exceptional commitment to humanitarian service. Our dedicated team provided not just immediate relief through evacuations and medical aid, but also comprehensive support encompassing mental health care, agricultural assistance, and animal welfare. We strived to heal, rebuild, and […]

Zira Morcha

Five Rivers Heart Association, played a crucial role in providing healthcare support during the Zira Morcha in India. Our team offered free health consultations, addressing immediate medical needs of the affected population. The organization also conducted on-the-ground research to understand the health impacts of the issues raised during the Zira Morcha. This research provided valuable […]

Medical Camps India

Free Medical Clinics Five Rivers Heart Association actively runs free health clinics catering to underserved populations. These clinics are a vital lifeline, offering medical care to those who often have limited access to healthcare. The volunteer doctors, who come from various backgrounds and specializations, provide a range of services including general health check-ups, specialized consultations, […]

Farmers Protest

During the farmers’ protests in India, Five Rivers Heart Association, was at the forefront in providing medical aid. Establishing essential healthcare facilities on-site, the organization offered free medical consultations and treatment to those affected. This initiative was a testament to our commitment to ensuring health and wellness during critical times of need.


Our NGO is dedicated to supporting aspiring medical professionals on their journey. As part of our comprehensive services, we offer counseling and advice tailored for pre-med students, medical students, and graduates seeking to navigate the residency application process. We provide valuable information on research opportunities, clinical rotations, and volunteering in health awareness camps. What sets […]

Global Health Awareness Camps

Global Health awareness Camps The Five Rivers Heart Association’s health awareness camps across the United States embody the spirit of community service and healthcare equity. These camps bring together doctors, nurses, and medical students in a united effort to provide comprehensive health education and services. They offer a range of activities, including health screenings, educational […]